To introduce myself

I’m Daniël Ismaël Dudink. From an early age, I have been occupied with the energy that is present in and around us. In my early childhood, I found out that I have so much power in my hands that I had to go along with this. My grandmother then had Corpus Liberum (a loose piece of cartilage or bone tissue in the thumb joint) and her third operation was on its way again. I laid my hands on her body from my intuition and prayed. After ten minutes, her pain was completely gone, her thumb joint fully recovered, and she never had this problem again to this day. And so many miracles follow every day.

My gifts are in my hands from which Christ energy flows, my eyes Heal with their vision, and I am Reclining, Bright-knowing and Medium in Gold.

Today I have with Joshua (the new energy of Jesus the Christ), Archangels Michaël, Raphaël and Gabriël, my Birth Angel Ismaël and my assistance dog Levi Kiël, who lives with the energy of Archangel ZadKiël and that energy is called Kiël, an Energetic Center in The Hague and we treat people from young to old.

I do this work from a deep knowledge that this is my life’s work. Working with people and helping them to live from their healthy, authentic flow gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Training courses:

Physiotherapy, Energetic bodywork and Magnetizing, Thetahealing Basic, – Advanced, – Dig Deeper, NLP, Inner Child, Hypno, Regression, Reincarnation and Gestalt therapy. I also obtained Basic Medical and Psychosocial Knowledge.